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Regardless of business size, sector, every brand should invest in social media. But the major question we often hear is what level of effort a brand should give in the social media marketing strategy. This effort includes internal resources, quality of content, posting, volume, as well as appointing a consultant or social media marketer or outsourcing the same. Moreover, the complication between organic and paid marketing questions the value of social media in business. The ultimate watch out on the investment in social media is to identify ROI.

Irrespective of any conceptualized answers to the question, we are going to present the top 7 reasons why social media is important to businesses.

  • Reputation Management

Different industries are rated and reviewed by their competent audience over different social media platforms. This practice is beneficial for businesses to build and manage their online reputation.

Additionally, a business owner can directly address any dissatisfied customer and answer or clarify a negative review in order to handle these professionally and build an online reputation.

  • Public Relations

No one would deny the importance of social media in building strong public relations and sharing and spreading business news, messages, and creating better brand value.

While the social site LinkedIn offers a more professional approach, other social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr help businesses gain more popularity among the varied range of viewers, potential buyers and create goodwill.

And don’t underestimate the power of social media on strengthening PR. Strong PR and social media reputation management together engage more audience, which in turn amplify the audience size over time and intensify visibility.

  • SEO

Though there’s a lot of conception and misconception regarding the connection between SEO and social media, there’s certain consonance between digital marketing and social media marketing.

It is necessary to build a clear link between the website and social media pages. Plus, creating news feeds to bring social content into the website and link back social media pages are essential to gain more engagement. Creating more relevant content aids the competition in the traditional market, search engine as well as social media platforms.

  • Impact on Conversion Funnel

If you imply a foolproof social media strategy, you can achieve several marketing objectives with ease. It is necessary to introduce business with advanced marketing through social media.

A well-planned, engaging social media marketing plan help your business in multiple ways like – building brand awareness, higher engagement, interest generation among visitors, insist people in considering the business, and assist conversion.

  • Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is the new marketing trend that has emerged as a useful approach. It includes smaller content investments instead of long-term content investments.

As a part of the agile marketing, the smaller pieces of content shared across the social media platform help a business identify their audience engagement, interest, response quick and cheap.

  • Identify & Engage Customers

Social Media makes your business accessible to more people, hence prospects sales. Compared to other digital marketing platforms, social media takes it in front of a larger referral audience organically, and it offers several options for promoting and sponsoring contents on multiple networks to engage more visitors.

The local listing, demographic interest-based campaigns across social media also help gain more attention of the followers and engage them.

  • Social Listening

Other than concentrating on your own business posts, promotions, engagement, conversion and ROI, you need to stay updated with your competitors’ online activities.

Social listening is the way to keep monitoring the competitors, their business moves, promotions, engagement. It helps in gaining a thorough industry insight, which assists your further social media strategy, content marketing, decision making.


Here we have discussed top 7 social media marketing trends 2019, that not only insist you in investing minutes, money and mind in social media marketing but convince you of the importance of social media to business. An effective social media marketing strategy offers your business better SEO, increased traffic, brand awareness, improved brand loyalty, higher conversion rates, better ROI.

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