Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Build Your Website?

History of WordPress:

Since 2003, WordPress has gone from a simple and pervasive blogging site to a preferred and prominent open source Content management system.

According to an internet source, it is a widely used web development platform, till now 60 million websites use this prodigious platform, including some top-notch publication such as The New York Times and CNN, music icons such as Katy Perry, to Fortune 500 companies such as UPS and eBay.

Why WordPress is NO #1?

Today, WordPress’s content management share is 59.5%.means 30% of all websites use this platform.

At present every business requires a website to expand their business digitally.planning for a user-interactive, fast& secure website can be difficult. That’s why small enterprises to well-based enterprises choose WordPress Development Services to make a full-featured WordPress website.

With an assortment of tools, plugin, and great punishing highlights, WordPress is the best platform for website composition.

Benefits of WP Services:

  • Free & cost-effective:

WordPress is too easy to use for its easy interface and doesn’t cost a fortune. Anyone who has client-side language knowledge can build a basic WordPress website. But when it comes to commercial purpose you have to hire a WordPress web developer to get a customized and fully functioning website.

  • Huge of themes & Plugin option:

The WordPress Community has thousand of technical volunteers provides free advice and solution on various forum and also there is a various plugin which provides super compact security to your website or your website developer will take care of your data and back up through the awesome plugins option.

Here are just a couple of ways to get support with WordPress website:

  • The Official WordPress support forum
  • Online tutorial and session
  • Support forum for customizing theme & plugins
  • Hire WordPress Developer for managing your complete WordPress Project.
  • Responsive design & SEO:

The number of visitors on your site depends on user-interface, speed, and visibility and all this is possible due to SEO (Search engine optimization) and accessibility on different portable devices (Responsive like smartphone, iPhone, etc). With WordPress, it is easy to maintain your Website with the help of plugins like Yoast.

It comes in paid as well as a premium version with some powerful features like managing social media accounts and analytics trackers. 

  • Sum up:

I think the future of WordPress is distinctive!! There are such a significant number of changes developing right currently like Gutenberg, intuitive developer, up to dated API, and so on and a lot more in the cart. This open-source CMS(content management system) has attracted a prolific & passionate community that ensures that it remains safe, secure and up to date according to web development requirements.

If you want to know more about WordPress services & development or new to this field, you can contact WordPress Development services i.e. Iosandweb Technologies to assist you with this wonderful platform.

We hope that you got to the importance of WordPress with all the above benefits of WordPress for designing and developing IT projects. If ever you want to hire any company for designing your WordPress project then Iosandweb Technologies will be the best choice. They have in-depth knowledge and professional expertise in SEO and WordPress development.

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