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Why Your Company Should Use Google Ads

Like Bing ads, Google ads are also a great platform for paid search ads that are strongly performing nowadays. To set up an ad campaign at Google Adwords, the advertisers can set their own daily budget and bids for each ad group & keyword. While setting up the campaign, the advertisers will find some features like schedules, location, mobile device settings given by Google ads. By using the keyword planner of Google Adwords, one can also find the relevant keywords and their strength for the ad campaigns.

Get More Customers

Effective ad campaigns will bring more & new customers to the website and generate traffic.

Pay Only For A Visit

The money will only be deducted from your invested money when your potential customers click on your ad.

Attract All Sorts of Customers

With Google Adwords, you can attract customers from any corner of the world by setting up the location in the campaigns and your local customers will be automatically attracted to you that live near your store or office.

Budget-Friendly Ads

With Google Adwords, you can run ads as per your budget whether it is large or small. You can customize the schedule of the ad campaign as per your convenience and choose the time slots at which you want to run the ad.

Our Expertise In Google Adwords

The experts of Google Adwords at IosAndWeb Technologies will help you to bring relevant traffic and generate more leads on your website through our Google Ad Campaigns. We will create, setup and run ad campaigns for your business and bring more customers for you. Hire us as your PPC professionals and get monthly reports of your project with full detail about the impressions, clicks, and conversions on your website.

Setup Google Adwords Campaigns

We have great expertise in setting up Google Adwords campaigns for our client’s businesses. We conduct research on keywords and develop ad groups and campaigns to write a crispy marketing ad and add targeted PPC ads, add budget and campaign rules. Before setting up a Google Adwords account for your business we check the minute details and correct them if needed.

Monitoring and Reporting

We’ll keep a regular check on your Google Adwords account and provide you timely reports about impressions, clicks, and conversions achieved on your account with ad campaigns. We’ll also share some other components like where the traffic is coming, locations, customer demographics, mobile devices, etc, to understand your customers and their requirements better.

Improving or Managing The Existing Google Ad Campaign

Looking to improve or restructure your existing ad campaign because of not yielding desired outcomes? Hire our PPC experts to manage your existing ad campaign to bring expected results. We will help you to bring more customers with your existing ad campaigns and reduce your ad expenses.