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Digital Marketing

In a classic 21st-century business battleground with neck-to-neck competition, companies are rushing in their planning and execution to get an edge through digital marketing services and strategies. In an era where the slogan ‘go digital’ is a loud and proud one, every business wants to have a positive and influential digital footprint and evidently, astute content marketing and a powerful digital presence seem to be one way, one widely accepted way to go about it. 

While digital marketing is a significantly effective, relatively easier marketing method and also a cost-saving one for a majority of users, it’s the openness to creativity and experimentation and not its perpetuity that has given rise to its popularity. That’d mean that like every other trend it has its own algorithms and behind the screen calculations which can make or break the digital deal for your firm. 

Your content is great, your Social Media strategies are on point and a company offering the best digital marketing services in town is backing you. You must fetch a guaranteed engagement right? Wrong! It’s not as simple as you think and digital marketers know it better by now. 

The most common method to counter this or rather ‘tackle’ this situation is to channelize your digital marketing campaigns and strategies by learning from past experiences and the best way to do that is to gain deep insights on your past efforts. Doing that is as tricky as it’s extensive.

Maybe so but these insights can offer knowledge of a lifetime about your target audience. So, let’s dive deep and check out a few ways to measure and weigh how many fruits your Digital Marketing efforts are actually bearing. 

Let’s quickly understand the virtual metrics through which the efforts are measured. These are called Key Performance Indicators OR KPIs. They measure some of the most vital aspects like SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social media Marketing and Email Marketing. 

These are fully quantifiable hence, offer far better insight than non-digital marketing. 

Ways to measure digital marketing output : 

  • Website Traffic, overall :

Your plans on checking lead generation, driving organic traffic to your website, conversion rate, etc., all require a good calculation of overall traffic brought to your website through your ads. In this case, bear in mind to keep your website up to date. 

  • Check on Traffic by individual source :

Understanding how much your firm is benefitting from each individual marketing source will help you add, modify or subtract from existing marketing sources. This is an efficient cost-saving method too. 

  • More in-depth analysis of Traffic:

 A highly important step in this analysis is to check the divisions in traffic types categorized by an old crowd, new crowd, organic crowd, direct visits, referrals etc. to know which sources to target, which to ignore, and which need more time and strategy investment. 

  • Website based metrics:

It’s important to check how many times and which parts of your webpage have people been visiting the most, which is exactly what page view rate and individual section visit rate tells you so you can build up on the strong segments and make alterations to one’s lagging behind. 

  • Bounce and Exit Rate :

Probably the most important ones of all rates. Retaining is always more important than fetching new clientele. A higher exit rate shows a dissatisfied audience while a bounce rate shows technical glitches or other such errors due to which a potential customer was lost. Tracking these gives a good idea of how and where to channel your digital and content marketing efforts. 

  • Conversion Rate :

Conversion Rate is a great method to track online sales which indeed is the best way possible to check your performance through digital presence. Essentially it gives you quantitative data of individual conversions from leads giving you first-hand data of consumer behavior. 

  • Other highly important digital metrics include :

  • Social Reach
  • Impressions 
  • Current Engagement Rate 
  • Email Open Rate 
  • Cost Per Click rate 
  • Click through Rate
  • Cost per conversion 
  • Overall ROI

Some of these metrics are more commonly known to you through Social media platforms like Instagram. These are highly important because they determine the quantity of population your content was able to reach which is essentially the primary goal, the more the better. Then you need to check how well  you are engaging your current audience which additionally tells you about their retention rate, what content and strategies to change in order to make them stay.

Post this, comes the slab of internal marketing evaluations which means to check how well your existing subscribers are responding to your regular email newsletters, events etc. If all these are working well, ultimately, your Return on Investment should be higher which screams success! 

Does the number of metrics sound too many? They are too many, as our disclaimer ahead of this discussion in the opening section of this article mentioned. Coming up with marketing strategies and taking care of other business segments while keeping a track of these seemingly bazillion KPIs is not the task for one individual that’s why we here at IosAndWeb Technologies have a team of highly experienced professionals who’ll dedicate to your project to track down these KPIs and bring out nothing but the best digital marketing strategies for you. 

We understand your concerns for marketing and business growth the best. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to make sure that not a penny of your investment with us is wasted. That’s not what we say, we let our happy customers speak for us. 

Growing a business can be a difficult task but you don’t have to bear all the burden by yourself. Have a creative digital marketing idea? Leave the algorithms to us! We’ll make the best of it ensuring a smooth flow of your content across channels and regions thereby making sure it’s out there for the majority to witness. 

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is not made popular for its perpetuity. While it might not be perpetual, it sure is flexible and allows room for growth, change, and experimentation making it somewhat of a visionary idea which is why we boast about it so much!