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iOS Mobile App Development Services

IosAndWeb Technologies has great expertise in designing extravagant, rich-featured and customizable iOS applications. Developing iOS applications contains so much complexity but the app developers at IosAndWeb Technologies can handle it all easily.

Some people find iPhones complex and difficult to use but our iOS mobile app development services proved this myth false and made it easy to use interactive and intuitive interface. Here at IosAndWeb Technologies, you will get updates on every latest update by Apple, its frameworks, languages and its generations.

Let’s Build Your Dream App!

    Our Offerings

    Our iOS experts got the ability to manage the entire wheel of life of the applications from its development to maintenance.

    iOS Application Design

    Being a leading company in designing iOS applications, we know how to develop a visually catching prototype, interfaces and custom POCs for the applications. A great and responsive iOS application needs core graphics, touch handling, gestures, animations and while designing an advanced application we keep this in our mind.

    iOS Application Development

    To develop a core iOS application the developers need to manage the multi-thread environment, construct advanced algorithms and architectural & technical leadership and our expert team have all these capabilities within them. The entire lifecycle of developing the mobile application contains our best practices and experience.

    iOS Application Testing

    To test and improve the performance and remove the issues of your application, our expert team uses manual as well as automatic testing tools that include the XCode Testing framework and use its top-notch solutions.

    iOS Application Maintenance

    We maintain and monitor the entire application in real-time, minimizes its loading time, enhance the availability and lowers the overall time that gets consumed in loading and working of the app.

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    Flexible Models

    We build flexible and scalable models that suit our customers’ priority and business needs

    Business Solution Architecture

    Our best-in-class robust infrastructure and high-performance business iOS applications is one of the best reasons to choose us.

    Full-Cycle Service

    We provide end-to-end iOS app development solutions that started from product planning and ending to the maintenance and support of the product.

    Modernize Legacy Systems

    The expert team of our iOS developers will convert your old systems into the sophisticated and instinctual way. The simple iOS applications developed by our company will surely increase the ROI of your business.

    iOS Mobile App Development Services stick to the top-notch android architectural standard

    IosAndWeb Technologies is an expert custom design or development company that develops applications in UX Designs, products engineering, and digital transformation. Before developing or designing any app we develop a mobile strategy, create a user experience and then develop the app. We have helped our clients across the world to make them achieve their goals by assisting them with our primary services of developing mobile applications for iOS and Android.


    Que 1. What are the different types of mobile apps you can develop?

    There are different types of mobile apps that are developed by mobile app development companies. All the types of mobile apps different from one another on the basis of the technology. Let's have a look at these mobile apps.
    • Native apps
    Native app development is done for the operating system of mobile devices. You can have a native iOS app and a native Android app for your business. Native apps are built by using one platform that is why you cannot use a Blackberry app on Android phones or an Android app on iOS phones.
    • Web apps
    Web apps are quite similar to native apps. The only difference web apps have from native apps is that web apps can be assessed through the web browser of your mobile phone. To use these apps it is not mandatory to download the app on your mobile device. These apps work on responsive websites.
    • Hybrid apps
    Hybrid apps are a combination of native apps and web apps. These apps look like native apps but work as web apps. These apps do have an icon on the home screen. Responsive designs and the fast performance of hybrid apps have made these apps very popular. Hybrid apps have the capability to work offline.

    Que 2. Could you please brief an approximate time-frame to develop any mobile app?

    The complexity of a mobile app decides it's the approximate time of development. Generally, an App can be developed in 3 to 9 months. The time duration of web development also depends on the structure of the project. There are different stages in developing a mobile app and it takes different duration of time to complete one stage of development.

    Que 3. Is it possible to develop any mobile app in just one month?

    Yes, it is possible to develop a mobile app within a month or the time frame of 30 days. Mobile development takes time to develop a great app. If you work 8 hours a day daily then it is possible to develop a well-functioning mobile app within a month.

    Que 4. What is the general mobile app development process you follow?

    An effective mobile app can be developed within six phases. Let's have a look at the process of mobile app development followed by companies.
    • Generation of Idea and its validation
    Once you decide to develop a mobile app it is important to put efforts into the market study and find out the right ideas for your mobile app development. You need to set objectives to decide, the audience you want to target, identify the USB of your mobile app, target the platform of your mobile app development, investment that you need to make, the time frame of development, and many more.
    • App designing
    A Well designed app can attract the audience towards a business. You need to decide the correct architecture of your mobile app. Decide the audiovisual communication methods through your apps and make a highly functional mobile app design.
    • Developing the app
    Develop a mobile app by using the latest technology and programs. Different technologies used for different mobile devices. IOS apps and Android Apps are developed separately.
    • App testing
    After the development of the mobile app, the app is tested within the environment of the company. The testing is done in order to know the correct functioning of the app and identify the issues that customers can face.
    • Launching the app
    After the process of testing the mobile app is then launched by the company. With the launch of the mobile app, the app will is available on the Play Store of Android phones and on the App Store of iOS phones.
    • Marketing and maintenance of the app
    The last step in the process of development of a mobile app is the maintenance of the mobile app and its promotion. Without this step, the complete process of mobile development will be a waste.

    Que 5. What are the security measures you take to make my app idea secure?

    In order to ensure the security of your app idea you need to take the following measures:
    • Copyright your app
    • Use a Non-Compete Agreement
    • OPT for trademarking
    • Document everything
    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • Apply for a patent
    • Do business with the right people
    • Limit the distribution

    Que 6. Will you assist me in the app submission process?

    Yes, definitely we will assist you in your app submission process. Let us know your needs and requirements and enjoy our assistance.

    Que 7. What If I want any modification in my application once it is launched?

    We can make any kind of modification of your application even after the launch of the mobile application. All that you need to do is contact our company and get relaxed about the future process.

    Que 8. Will your mobile app development team support me after my app gets live on the App Store?

    Our company’s mobile app development team provides a 24/7 support system to our clients after the app gets live on the App Store. The mobile app development team of our company is always at your service.