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Magento Development Services

The development of an e-commerce website by using Magento platforms and adding distinctive features is our specialization of IosAndWeb Technologies. We build extraordinary e-commerce stores for your business that will be easy to manage for you. We have been serving our potential customers across the world for over a decade with our Magento Development Services in Mohali. Our professional team of Magento developers created more than 1000 e-commerce stores by using this technology.

Magento is considered as the best platform for building rich-featured e-commerce stores and capable of giving instinctive user experience. To get a superior functional website you need to choose the right Magento development agency who can make your website rich-featured and bring benefits to your business. By providing a complete range of Magento Development services in India we became a leading agency in delivering our assured services.

By using Bootstrap technology for Magento 1 and Magento 2 efficiently we bring out the best product for our clients within the designated time period. We use a client-centric approach to serve our clients better. We take our clients with us throughout the journey of the project by starting from the initial stages to understanding the objectives and delivering the final products by satisfying them. Get Magento development services from IosAndWeb Technologies and get exceptional websites developed for your business along with the latest trends.

Let’s Build Your Dream App!

    Why choose IosAndWeb for Magento development services?

    We help create easy to understand, strong, and customer-friendly Magento eCommerce solutions. To use the shopping cart development solution appropriately, our development team possesses the required experience. To promote products and services online, we create platforms over the internet.

    Functional Integration

    We offer secure and highlight rich mix with online payment gateways, shopping carts just as commercial centers.

    Responsive design

    With a modern structure, your web solution is enhanced for rich client experience over platforms without settling on the specialized and functional scope.

    Strong solutions

    As a main Magento eCommerce Development company, we influence the intensity of Magento to give strong solutions for your e-commerce website.

    Full development cycle

    From architecture plan, UI/UX and innovation choice counseling, to advancement, testing, and maintenance, we spread everything.

    Are you ready to achieve the next level of your business?

    As a Magento development company, IosAndWeb helps to develop new websites and give support to migration initiatives to Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. IosAndWeb can help you to solve all technical problems and work as per your needs. If you want to upgrade the platform, seeking development from scratch and redesigning an existing e-commerce application, then IOSANDWEB can help you.

    By creating advanced extensions utilizing the Magento platform, IosAndWeb carries new functional dimensions to an e-commerce site. The codebase planned and designed by our team in such an effective manner that it can solve all the problems and difficulties of an enterprise-level distribution.

    Our team is extraordinarily great in the steady delivery of products with the most extreme quality and thorough testing. Our company creates tailor-made solutions that assure an optimum return on investment. With our custom Magento eCommerce development services, the customers also get the fundamental training and tips for the utilization of the modules developed for them.

    Our Magento Development Services Offerings:

    • Magento Customization
    • Shopping Cart Development
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Skinning, Theme Design & Integration
    • Magento CMS Solutions
    • Template Development
    • Magento Extension / Module Development
    • Speed Optimization
    • 3rd Party App Integration
    • Magento Migration Solutions
    • API Creation/Integration
    • SEO Ready and Superior Support

    Magento Development Advantages

    IosAndWeb is a trusted Magento development company so we put innovative measures for performance, security and redesign into practice. In this way, we are among one of the most favored remote platform development organizations as we meet all the needs of Magento development projects.

    • 100% clean reputation in IPR and source code security.
    • Adaptable framework support for your development needs.
    • The higher level of versatility, include new extensions and plugins.
    • Very steady, magnificent framework engineering with administrator interface.
    • Enables the purchaser to look at items and audit them.
    • Highly responsive and SEO friendly


    Q1: How many Team members will be assigned to my project and what will be their roles?

    If you choose our Magento development company, we will assign at least 5 members to your project.
    • There will be a business analyst who will perform the initial study and provide the required consultation. This will include budgeting, required breakdown and project proposal submission.
    • A project delivery manager and a Magento developer will be introduced to you once your project starts officially.
    • The quality analyst will also be collaborated to perform website testing and take care of deliverables before deadlines.
    • The server administrator will also be there who will set up your server and manage the Magento website with the best of his ability once your website goes live.

    Q2: Who will be my Point of contact if I hire your Magento web development services from The IosAndWeb Technologies?

    You can contact anyone from the team you’ve assigned. But we will recommend you to communicate with one person to avoid any miscommunications. The project delivery manager will be in direct contact with you. He will provide you the latest update about the progress on a daily basis, also he will take feedback and deliver the project as promised. A group will be made on Skype, Basecamp, Slack, Trello or JIRA where every information will be updated to maintain the utmost transparency.

    Q3: Do you handle all development work in-house? How long has the team been working together?

    IosAndWeb Technologies will provide an in-house team of more than 30 Magento web developers and a combined team of more than 150 members, all of them will work under one roof. Every type of work will be properly taken care of and work is done efficiently by our capable in-house team members.

    Q4: What is your pricing model? How frequently do your projects go over budget?

    Our pricing model is very flexible and it varies from project to project. Both the flexible price contracts and hourly models are comfortable to us. It all depends upon the clarity in requirements and execution strategies. We prefer to take all the details about the project to analyze the requirements and take calls from our clients regularly in order to know the requirements of the Magento website development. This will help us to know the required changes to be made in the project through the development cycle and avoid unnecessary increasing budget.

    Q5: Will you hand us over the source files once the project is complete?

    Absolutely yes, we handover the complete source file to the client and doesn’t own the source code.

    Q6: Do you offer a support period? If so, how long?

    We offer 90 days of Magento web development support to all our clients. This is because we want to make sure that the website we developed is performing consistently. These 90 days will start from the day the last milestone is delivered. This support period can be extended by paying extra fees.

    Q7: How do I update and manage my website after it launches?

    IosAndWeb Technologies provides two ways to handle this:
    • The clients who are efficient in using modern technology and want to make changes or any updates to their site then we can show them what to do or how to do by an online virtual meeting and we also provide video tutorials to learn.
    • For clients who don’t have any specific knowledge about technology and don’t prefer to learn any technical skills then IosAndWeb will handle your website for you.

    Q8: What exactly is web hosting?

    Web hosting is a kind of purchasing a piece of land to build the house. So to make our newly designed website live on the internet, it needs to be hosted on a web server.

    Q9: Why do I need a mobile responsive website?

    If you are making a new website then make sure it will be mobile friendly (i.e. mobile responsive) otherwise people will feel you’re running behind the times and out of reach. Let’s see some past reports:
    • The report of Early 2016 shows that people spent their digital media time 65% on mobile phones and 35% on laptops or desktops.
    • In late 2016, mobile tipping point crossed which means usage of internet over mobile/tablet overlapped the desktop usage for the first time. Nowadays you’ve to make a mobile responsive website because everyone wants to visit your website on their phone.

    Q10: What if I don’t have photos for my website?

    Your website will look boring without photos. If you don’t have photos then get some because it is necessary. You can get photos for your site in 3 ways:
    • Purchase photos for your site from Shutterstock, BigStockPhoto, iStockPhoto. These platforms will provide you less costly, high-quality and royalty-free images.
    • You can get your images by yourself. We all carry smartphones and iPhones, the cameras are just brilliant. If you’re a good budget then you can hire a professional photographer or videographer to create good images for your site.
    • If you’re a good budget then you can hire a professional photographer or videographer to create good images for your site.

    Q11: Is there an objective way to determine if I need a website redesign?

    As your business develops, your possibilities evolve and as your industry advances… in this way, as well, will your site need to advance to remain applicable and exceptional?
    A well-executed website redesign can:
    a). Elevate your company image.
    b). Increase leads and sales.
    c). Boost company morale.
    d). Put your competitors on notice that you’re a player.
    If you think your website needs a redesign, it probably does.

    Q12: What exactly is a CMS (Content Management System)?

    The content management system helps you to add, delete or update any content on your site. You don’t need any special technical skills to do this and WordPress is the best example of CMS.