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Sure-fire ways to drive organic traffic to your online platform without generating backlinks, through smart content marketing

They say ‘Your network is your net-worth. Marketing managers, probably the biggest hustlers in any organization big or small trace this saying over the organization as a unit. While keeping in mind the need of the hour to provide an online exposure to every business, their main focus is still invested in the obvious: the more the merrier. Not to mention, this speaks actively about increasing the consumer traffic drive to the website exponentially. 

In a quest to achieve such volume, digital marketing efforts with underlying backlinks have taken over more simple yet well-serving organic marketing strategies. The first few things that run through a marketer’s head these days are Social Media Promotions across forms, which have to be the most popular method of backlinking. But if you have a limited budget or want to promote the content without a promotional algorithm spine getting your back, you’ve got to try some organic strategies where content is the king, the one and only one. 

So without further adieu, here’s how you can drive traffic to your website without backlinks :

Viral is Viral for a reason :

Researching and writing or creating any content around a viral idea helps you figure out two things: how and why what got viral got viral which essentially offers a lot of insight into picking your own battles. So from next time onwards, as they call it in business parlance, ‘moment marketing’ and finding your way around it could serve as an essential stepping stone in your digital marketing services for bringing organic traffic to your platform. 

Viral posts are posts usually started by a social media page of any category. These pages may be individually managed pages or social media handles of some brands big or small. A form of content currently, usually, gets viral on either Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. These three as per latest trends, are the most eligible platforms to post your viral content-based marketing creatives. These platforms and trends which are basically backed by hashtags are highly cost-efficient methods to popularize your content with the support of what’s hot on-trend. Just with the right pick and a little creativity of your own to connect your brand’s principles and services to the selected trend plus the trending hashtags, you can get quite a lot of attention without any backlinks. 

SEO keywords with long tails:

his technique is one that has to be approved by every techie, you’ll ever come across. If you’re a well-established business giant, the shortest and most common forms of keywords are a sure deal but if not, long-tail keywords can take you a long way in the longer run. So don’t type ‘online classes’, type ‘how to take online classes at home. 

Search engine optimization helps your website and content swim above the regular Internet clutter. SEO services can take your online marketing strategies to a whole new level too, without you having to spend a lot of money. Essentially, these services create data and insight backups for all your ads aside from giving good reach with all your marketing needs hit with one arrow. SEO services help digital marketers understand Key Performance Indicators OR KPIs for their online ads, hashtags, etc. Which in turn guides them to form future creatives with the data-backed experience. 

 Responding to hot questions :

Fragments of questions or queries can generate a lot of traffic on Google. Responding to such questions asked by your actual or potential target audience can help you take advantage of Google traffic. You can do that through platforms like Quora etc. These are nice passive digital marketing efforts. 

In addition to that, your content and SEO team can conduct traffic research thrice a week to find out the most trending topics on the Internet pertaining to your business and goals and create content accordingly. Blogs written on such topics swim across the scattered pile of words to make it to the list of the most popular reads. It is also very important to take care of the number of words you use for these articles. There’s no exact number of words pre-decided for any category of blog posts and it highly varies from category to category. If you’re writing beauty products-based blogs, the word limit is pretty much set to 300-500 words, whereas a technical blog stands out from the crowd when working with 800-1000 words. Whatever word limit you choose to work with, the traffic and trend-based topic or theme selection mostly take care of a major part of getting your content highlighted. 

Take it a class back :

Try promoting your content in other foreign countries where moment marketing isn’t as popular yet. This can bring a unique bunch of traffic from foreign markets to your platform. Trying this technique out in more advanced markets like that of the US or China won’t bring you as much engagement but trying it out in other countries will. This, as a matter of fact, is a digital marketing policy a lot of companies including MNCs are following. 

Why do we say ‘sure-fire’? Because it’s tried and tested by us. All these techniques not only help you in cutting down promotional costs but also help you understand the actual power of your content in bringing traffic organically. But the organic traffic depends on a lot of other factors such as the aforementioned ones if not backlinks and even though marketing and content managers globally have accepted a few of these trends, if not all of them, they’re not really good with the SEO or viral hashtags algorithms to use them in a way that’ll enrich their websites or content. It’s because it takes a lot of immersive research to understand all aspects of organic traffic which includes studies of foreign markets as well.

With all the other complex business decisions to make, how does one handle that? That’s exactly what we at IosAndWeb and Technologies help you with. Our well-researched and unparalleled services will get your business the most customized plans to bring organic reach and traffic saving you tons of costs that you’d otherwise incur to create backlinks. If you’re a small business with a small efficient team and a limited budget the focus of which has to be other areas of your business, leave your content to us and we’ll take care of it. How? By making sure that your page and content is being visited by old and new people, your reach gets wider and your traffic drive gets higher organically at every place, your business has the potential to thrive!